Friday, December 25, 2009

Back from across the pond!

After over three months of studying in London, I'm back to take care of unfinished business back in my hometown. Despite the fact that my studies kept me from attending many concerts, I was exposed to some amazing bands, solo artists, and djs. There will be more news to come about my semester abroad.

In other news, Cat Power (Chan Marshall) is currently working on a new album. As a Cat Power fan, I have liked Ms. Marshall's work through her changes (musical and personal). As of now, the album has no name or release date. This would be Cat Power's ninth studio album since her 1995 debut, Dear Sir. Marshall's past work has ranged from minimal and stripped-down songs played only by Marshall on a guitar or piano to denser, bluesy chords with a full band behind Marshall. It will be interesting to see which path Cat Power takes with this record.
Currently listening to: Cat Power - Where Is My Love